Back to Cali! No cross-country roadtrip this year, but lots of fun on the horizon nonetheless :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

MJF51, day 2

Back in Monterey!


I grabbed some alligator-on-stick for lunch (and I say that oh so casually! ), and yeah, it still tastes like chicken. Haha.
The highlight of the afternoon to me was the Garden Stage performance of great saxophonist Maceo Parker, who claims he only does 2% jazz.

The other 98% are pure funk.

Long intro by the band
Maceo Parker Band

Maceo Parker Band

Maceo Parker Band

And Maceo arrives at last
Maceo Parker

Such fantastic beats. I just hope I can play half as well as he does, he's awesome.

Maceo Parker Band

Maceo Parker

Maceo Parker Band

I plan to practice over his CD. Too bad for my neighbours...

Afterwards I went indoors and most of it was simulcast from the Arena, so pics were not an option. Speaking of the Jazz Theater, I'm a bit bummed this year by the Best Buy sponsoring of the festival, not for the fact that it's Best Buy, but the billboards and signs were so conspicuous... Last year's sponsoring by Borders was much, much more subtle.

Anyway, we got the Maria Schneider Orchestra giving a great performance presenting the commissioned "Willow Lake", and then Terence Blanchard at the Night Club, which I saw from the outside since it was packed and I couldn't get in.

Thus endeth a phenomenal day. But wait, there's more: Sunday got another lifelong dream fulfilled! :D


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